"The truth about ageing with grace and beauty is about changing the inner dialogue and looking deep within at your conditioning -- the thoughts you carry. It's not what you are eating, rather, what is eating you.

When you tend to the inner world, you can then step into self-care with a sense of love rather than rebellion. I believe that living, eating, exercising, and loving ourselves alongside the Wisdom of Mother Nature is the only real, life-affirming way to live. Let's love ourselves into great health!

Plus, let's not kid ourselves, although we are what we eat, without learning how to rev up our metabolisms with the 'right' kind of exercise, we will struggle with our weight for life."

~ Karen McCoy, Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Empowerment Coach

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Karen McCoy, 58

Karen McCoy is a fitness professional who understands your needs and desires, firsthand! And she's furious that the fitness industry has failed women and she's blowing the lid off of it!

Are you a woman between 35 - 65 and you know your body and hormones have changed or are changing?

Have you tried countless diets to no avail? Maybe even gained weight and then some afterward? Are you tired of the rollercoaster? Has it taken a toll on your confidence and self-esteem?

Are you fed up that most fitness trainers aren't yet in menopause or have never struggled with their weight, age, or body image but they're giving you advice?

Have you been afraid to train with weights for fear you'll look like a man? And yet, all that cardio and aerobic training aren't helping you lose weight anymore?

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Our  metabolisms need some love! We just haven't treated it well...too many trendy diets, too laser focused on theprfect calorie counts or macro percentages, too many formulas (we don't eat numbers, we eat food!). All this only confuses our bodies and weakens our metabolisms as we age, at a time when we want to feel strong and lean! So we begin with our 7-Day Metabolism Reset Eating Plan and our Kick-Start Whole Body MET Workout #1! We are going to clean the toxins from our cells, fuel our bodies with nutrient rich, metabolism-boosting foods, support our thyroids and adrenals (the natural way) and energize our cells with quality movement!    ​​​​​​​

Week One - Waking up our METABOLISMS!

Our FALL Best Shape CHALLENGE begins September 13th! CLICK HERE!

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Microbiota Influence is not new, but emerging research shows us just how important having healthy flora truly is. Our microbes (gut critters) keep us in homeostatis (balance), and work to support a strong metabolism and strong digestive fires. Today's trendy diets throw us out of homeostasis and into metabolic havoc! F.R.E.S.H. returns us to a simpler, healthier way of eating (and thinking) that is simple, real, flexible and healing. We return to Mother Nature's wisdom and ease with an eating style that lovingly supports the 40+ woman! And we head into our next workout: Shapely, Sexy Supersets Workout #2 

Week Seven - Happy, Healthy Hormones

Week Three - Our Circadian Rhythms

Chronobiology is a new and promising field of research that looks at our bodys' clocks (circadian rhythms) as it relates to weight control, digestion and metabolism. There is a delicate dance when all our internal clocks are in sync, and the chaos that happens then they are not. When we live in flow with our body's natural rhythms of the sleep / wake cycle, proper meal times and portions, regulating our hormones and supporting our microbiota (gut health), we are healthy. But diets, poor food choices, poor sleep habits, stress, and living and eating out of sync with the seasons, the result can prove disasterous. Here, we lovingly return to living in tune with Mother Nature.  

Week Five - Eating Rules

What are good eating rules? How do we manage portions, timing, and scheduling? And how important is this, anyway? In order to create a robust metabolism and a healthy relationship to our food, we put a structure in place, a framework, really, that allows us consistency and a 'flow' that makes our eating natural and effortless. No more being at the mercy of living an unstructured life! This only creates digestive, hormonal and biochemical mayhem! Our bodies and our metabolisms need love and understanding! And a PLAN that works! Your Check-list helps get you back on track. This is how lean people think and live, and we have a healthy relationship with food and portions because of it! You'll see! 

This week, we take from the wisdom and lessons of well-known author and herbalist Susun Weed, and her unique philosophy on ageing women. In a world where youth often trumps age, we learn to view our added years as an expansion, not a contraction. We are stepping into our Power and our presence in record numbers! How exciting and freeing! Certainly, the 'second wave of feminism' is upon us, and as Change-Agents, we are reclaiming our power and our potential, and in doing so, we naturally empower and embolden other women to do the same. The world is truly our oyster! We are here, we are powerful, and we are Rising UP!

Week Two - The 30 / 30 / 30 Rule

These days, everyone is talking macronutrients. That's protein, carbs and fats. But it's gotten so out of hand that women are measuring, counting, app-ing their way through their meals, breaking their fare down into mathematical formulas that simply DO NOT WORK. We don't want to be mathematicians, we want to enjoy our food with ease and freedom! So this week, I return you to the joy and love of food. And we cut to the quick with an easy, results-oriented approach to eating that I have been living and teaching for 30 years, the 30 / 30 / 30 Rule! Perfect for the 40+ woman that wants to live lean! 

Week Four - F.R.E.S.H. Eating for Life!


LISTEN AS KAREN explainS why the fitness industry HAS FAILED yOU.​​​​​​​

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  • Weekly Live Mastermind Class with Karen on Mondays along with the weekly recorded workout/nutrition lesson that arrives in your inbox every Friday: Every Monday, Karen goes live on Zoom and covers the lesson sent out on the Friday before. This gives you a chance to connect with her personally. Ask any question you have. All calls are recorded if you can't attend live (both video and audio versions).

  • Weekly Weight Training Routines you can do at home or the gym: Each week, Karen introduces you to new weight training techniques that will keep pushing your body into a more fit, beautiful, shapely version of you. Learn about supersets, drop sets, double split routines and differences between compound exercises and isolated movements. Muscle by its very existence burns body fat and revs your metabolism. Do not be afraid to sculpt your body. You will NOT look like a man. In fact, it might shock you how beautifully you can shape your body by lifting weights!

  • Karen's Five Healthy Habits e-book: This e-book summarizes our five guiding truths in our Warrior Woman Living manifesto, that keep us on track and moving into our Best Life! It has guided hundreds of women for years, and this manifesto will become the cornerstone of your success, too.

  • Karen's Weekly Grocery Shopping List: Although we all have different food preferences, genetics, cultural backgrounds etc., we do have basic micronutrients that you simply must eat to be in your best shape. The good news: We don't follow any trendy diets or cut out any food group.

  • Karen's Five-Day Metabolism Reset Plan: By leaning into cleaner eating, you will clean your palate and release toxins that will help reset your metabolism.

  • Karen's Lifestyle Checklist: Karen has summarized the entire 10-Week Challenge into a super cool and easy checklist you can use daily to keep yourself on track moving forward.

  • At the end of the 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge, you'll automatically be enrolled into Karen's popular Warrior Woman Living monthly program that includes continued new weight workouts, nutritional support, live weekly check-ins, and access to our private WW Facebook community, where we share, support, and encourage all of our Warrior Women. At the end of the first free month, you can decide to stay on with Karen for a small monthly fee of only $29.99 Canadian. However, there is no obligation to carry on! YOU decide! 

​​​​​​​Plus, that's not all! When you sign up to the 10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge, you'll receive these amazing Bonus Gifts worth THOUSANDS of dollars​​​​​​!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"As a bestselling author, Master Empowerment Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and former fitness competitor, I've met many amazing coaches, trainers, authors, and inspirational leaders. When I met Karen McCoy, I instantly realized this woman was in a league of her own; her passion for health and fitness is driven not by vanity or ego - although she looks very much like a world-class fitness competitor and she's 58! 

Karen is a living example of channeling her struggles and feelings of fear and loss into a life-enhancing, productive, empowered, healthy way of living, loving, moving, giving, and receiving. Karen pulls it all together; this course is everything a woman would need to feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong! In fact, I'm registered for Karen's next 10-Week Best Shape Challenge and I'm excited!"

– Crystal Andrus Morissette, founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute

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“As a bestselling health author and nutrition and fitness professional, I have never had the need for a personal trainer. Having said this, I would not hesitate to hire Karen McCoy, as she is one of the best trainers in the business – bar none! As a man, hiring Karen is not an option, so if you’re a woman and you want to get in the best shape of your life for the rest of your life, look no further – Karen is your expert of choice!”

– Brad King, fitness expert, bestselling author, formulator


Who is karen mcCoy?  

After 35 years in the fitness industry, Karen knows the truth about weight loss, hormones, menopause, and feeling AMAZING, especially after age 35, when things start to change ... and she's here to give you the real goods. Because she has walked the walk!.

Karen McCoy, 58, is the Real McCoy!

It doesn't fall lightly on Karen the irony that one of Canada's top fitness coaches/trainers gave birth to a child with a terminal, degenerative, muscle-wasting disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). 

Tristan, now 24, has taught Karen so much about living with joy and strength, no matter what we're going through. And although he is losing more and more mobility every day of his life, he "lives" more than most able-bodied people. 

You can image the real reason Karen is so passionate about supporting women in taking care of their bodies, their health and their inner world...so they too can feel alive, empowered and in sync with the world around them!

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Yep, our hormones are talking to us! And as ageing women, we have learned to fear or loathe them. No more! Our hormones are a valuable and important part of our healthy living lifestyle, they just need some understanding, some love and they sometimes need to be reined in! So this week, we get real, and really look at options for balancing our hormones. We also take a peek at some basic sports supplements that can enhance your training goals, your immune system and your recovery. They are safe, well researched, and they won't rob the bank! PLUS, we unveil our final workout, Karen's Ultimate Mastery Shaping Program #3! Prepare to fall in love with this one!

Week Eight - Cheat Meals and Refeeds!​​​​​​​

Cheat meals and refeeds are all the rage. Sadly, most people don't know how to use them. This week, we get real about these tools, and we show you how to incorporate them for maximum results and long term metabolic sustainability!. We also unveil the Cycle Diet, a unique and highly effective weight loss and long term eating tool that, if used properly and with diligence, can offer clients a proven, effective and tasty option to all the crazy diets out there. It's not a diet, it's a way of life, and is based on your personal biofeedback that you will assess. You'll see!


Week Ten - Warrior Woman, YOU!

This week, we dig deeper as we head into the 'Inner Game', where all success begins: we learn to Master our Mindset! It takes courage and a keen curiosity to unravel old belief systems and conditioning that has kept us away from our light, our success. Here, we begin to assess how we view the world, how we view weight loss and fitness and we learn to take the Long View in this lifestyle journey of ours.  So many women are focused just on the outer world of calories, macro's...number! While this outside/in approach is important, the inside/out approach is where we stop the self-sabotage to help create change that sustains!

Week Nine - The Spiral of Healthy Living

We love our muscles! We love how they look and feel, and we are ROCKIN' in this new lifestyle of ours! The secrets, the magic and the experience of those masters athletes are revealed this week as we step into our New Life! We are Change-Agents, and we are re-defining ageing at every turn! And it's looking mighty fine! PLUS, you are now automatically enrolled in our popular Warrior Woman Living (WWL) monthly program where a whole tribe of like minded women, who all began here, are waiting for you! 'No woman is an island'! And our community is now your community, for as long as you wish to stay (we hope it's for awhile!)


Week Six - The Inner Game!​​​​​​​

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We get started on September 13th, 2019!

Feel your most confident and healthy Self by fall!

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