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Terms and Conditions for Warrior Woman Living with Karen McCoy

1. Participation in Online Programs
Please note that participation in all programs offered by McCoy Fitness & Health is at the discretion of the participant. McCoy Fitness is not responsible for injury to the participant, as the participant recognizes that by signing up for an online program, in which Karen is not there in person to run and oversee each individual, it is then the individual’s responsibility to work within and recognize their own personal physical limitations and differences. It is highly recommended that participants receive full clearance from their doctors to participate in the training of any sort, and online training as well. Participants will be working within various gyms across the world and with varying equipment. While McCoy Fitness do their best to answer all questions and concerns regarding these variances, ultimately, it is up to the participant to work around the particulars and limitations within their own gym setting.  McCoy Fitness & Health is not responsible for any injuries incurred while participants are on the program(s).

2. Registration for Online Programs
Registrations for online programs (Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program) are accepted on a first-come, first served basis. Spaces for program participants may be purchased at any time throughout the year. This guarantees your spot in the next upcoming Challengers program. If clients decide to forgo their participation in the program, they can either suspend their participation until the next challenge, with permission from Karen, or they can cancel one week prior to the start of the Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program to receive a full refund. McCoy Fitness reserves the right to cap participants at whatever number is appropriate.

3. Payment and Free Trial at the end of Over 40, Fit & Fabulous 10-Week Program
With the purchase of the Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program, the client is offered a free Trial of the Warrior Woman Lifestyle Program at the end of the 10 weeks. They will automatically receive the current month’s workout at no charge. After this free offer is over (when the next monthly workout card comes out), the client’s credit card will be charged the regular monthly fee, for as long as they wish to stay with the Program. It is up to the client to cancel out of the WW monthly program through Pay Pal, or, if they are unsure, they may contact McCoy Fitness for help. Each participant reads and signs the Terms and Conditions at the start of the Program, hence, the client understands and abides by this policy. Please allow 24-48 hours for cancellation. Note: There is no Free Trial for current WW members. This applies to new members only.

4. Refund Policy – On all week-based programs 
There are no refunds within the week leading up to the first week of the start date of the Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program, Empowered Living, Master your Metabolism and any other week-based programs offered and signed up for. This is necessary to ensure a smooth start for all participants of these programs, and to also allow for any waitlisted clients to be able to take that available spot in the preferred program choice. Upon cancellation, participants will be removed from all correspondence lists, and also removed from the private Facebook Page that runs that program.). If clients failed to access or use the program and its information and lessons that is up to their own discretion and no refund will be given under these circumstances. It is up to the client to ensure they access all weekly lessons, coaching calls and other uploads within the program’s timelines as described.

5. Cancellation Policy– Warrior Woman Fitness & Lifestyle Community Program 
Upon sign up to the monthly WWLP, clients will be registered and will start receiving info within a 24 hour period. This will continue until such time as the client cancels out, which is up to the client to do (please contact Pay Pal if you don’t know how to cancel out. They can be reached at and are very easy to talk to!) Once the client cancels out, the client is taken out of all aspects of the Program, including the web site and all Facebook groups, and all other supports within the WWLP. If you wish for US to cancel you out, and you send us an email, please allow 24-48 hours for cancellation (if you cancel on a Friday, it will likely occur on a Monday, as we do not work 24/7 or on weekends). If a payment comes out prior to us canceling within this time frame, no refunds will be given. Please remember that your cancellation is up to you, the client, and we are here to help as needed, but your Pay Pal profile it is up to you to manage.

6. Clients wanting to cancel at a later date: We cannot cancel you out if you say, “Can you cancel me in 10 days, or at the end of the month?” We will not schedule in cancel times into the future. When a client cancels, they are taken out of all programs immediately, or, the client can cancel out on the exact date they wish to leave. When the client cancels out, it is immediate. If they ask us to cancel them out, there is a 24-48 hour window or longer, if on a weekend…please see above (paragraph 5) for clarity on this.

7. $1 TRIAL Offers, FREE MONTH Offers,  or other Discounted Offers
With any marketed discounts or specials to any of Karen’s online programs, the policies around the promotion will be as such: for example, if a $1 TRIAL offer is offered to clients, for, say, a Month / 30-day period (or however long the campaign is), the client will be charged that nominal feel (in this case $1), as laid out in the campaign, and after the TRIAL period is over, the user’s credit card will be charged the regular fee for the program they have signed up for in the TRIAL offer. If the client enters a FREE MONTH trial of the program, they will be asked to pay the usual monthly fee, and will be fully refunded asap on that month, and, as in the previous example, the user’s credit card will be charged the regular monthly fee for the program. In either scenario, it is up to the client to cancel out of the Program they have signed up for, through Pay Pal (if they need help, they can contact staff, and we can help them with this, but it will be on our schedule). Once they cancel, they will be terminated from all program points of access, and all emails, usually within 24 hours. McCoy Fitness will not be asked to schedule in cancellation at a later time, as determined by the client, rather, they will be immediately removed at the time of cancellation.

As with all of McCoy Fitness’ other online participation parameters, the same rules will apply for the client, as the client’s responsibilities will remain the same in all areas of participation, refunds, and cancellations, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions Policy.

8. Refund Policy – Monthly WWFL Program
There are no refunds offered on the Warrior Woman Lifestyle Program – WWLP (formerly the Healthy Living Program) for information not accessed in a timely fashion (per month, as the program dictates). If clients failed to access or use the program and its information and lessons, that is up to their own discretion. If clients wish to cancel, they may do so at any time through Pay Pal. Please contact Please note: cancelling out of scheduled emails send outs may not cancel you out of the payment program. Clients must go to the payment program (Pay Pal) or we may assist if need be, through email.

9. Refund Policy on Downloadable Programs and Products
All downloadable products (videos, audios, training programs, etc) are paid in full up front, and there is no refund after purchase. The BLISS program and other such purchased programs and products that are downloadable for a certain amount of time, are not available after such time as indicated on the sales copy. It is up to the purchaser to ensure they download all products within the prescribed time, and differences in browsers, access, etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser.

10. Credit Card Policy
All clients of any online programs with McCoy Fitness & Health must sign up with a valid credit card, or use a monthly debit withdrawal through Pay Pal, to access and sure the program(s). It is up to the client to ensure their credit card is up to date. Should their credit card need attention, Pay Pal will send them a reminder, and McCoy Fitness & Health may also send a courtesy reminder, but it is not McCoy Fitness & Health’s responsibility to do so, nor is it their responsibility to ensure clients’ credit cards are up to date. Should a client’s credit card need attention, it is up to the client to contact Pay Pal directly. McCoy Fitness & Health is not required, nor allowed, to do anything with a client’s credit card. If the client gets canceled out and wishes to return to the same program, they will purchase the program at the set price of that program at the time of the new purchase.

11. Access to information and Lessons within a Program
Content may be accessed at any time during the paid period, with the exception of the Challenge, in which content will be offered on a week to week basis, and previous weeks’ content may or may not be available for viewing, and is up to the discretion of McCoy Fitness & Health. Upon completion of the Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program, or upon cancellation of the Warrior Woman Group Lifestyle Program – WWLP (formerly the Healthy Living Program), access to all content – videos, emails, Facebook, etc. – will be closed immediately at the time of the client’s cancellation.

12. Affiliates 
All Affiliates will abide by the program rules, as set out by Karen. The payout for successful purchases by clients on the affiliate’s link, will be paid out at the promoted percentage, at the end of each month, thru Pay Pal or e-transfer (minus taxes). All payouts will be after the start date of the Over 40, Fit & Fabulous – 10-Week Program or whatever program the affiliate program is linked to. (Purchasers can cancel up to start date).

13. Privacy and Ownership of Material
All videos and written material is the property of McCoy Fitness & Health and may not be distributed or used without written consent. All videos, downloads, and purchased programs are the sole ownership of McCoy Fitness & Health and cannot be distributed without permission from Karen McCoy.

For More Information
If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please email Karen at